Jones has an appointment at the opticians. He has dressed up and has avoided the demon alcohol in preparation for the eye test. His major fear is that somebody might recognise him...

Beer Goggles


Fly me to the Moon

David Wilson’s eleventh birthday coincides with Apollo Eleven landing on the moon. He is fascinated by the Apollo program and wishes that it could have been him that first walked on the moon. He builds a water powered bottle rocket to impress his friends and from this small beginning David builds ever more complicated rockets and flying machines, culminating in his own personal tribute to mark the fiftieth anniversary of the moon landing.

This story is now available via the link below: -

Fly Me To The Moon

The first part is available as a preview on this site here: -

Walking on the Moon



King Canute

According to legend, King Canute tried to command the rising tide to recede. The enterprise was doomed to failure, but given another chance would he fare any better?
A party of politicians are visiting a climate change research facility on a tropical island. Are they wasting their time? Are we all wasting what time we have left?
King Canute is a short story, part history, part science fiction.

This story is now available via the link below: -

King Canute

The first chapter is available on this site as a preview here: -

Cnut the Great


Being There (With Kurt Cobain's Hair)

This story is exclusive to this site. It was written for a literary competition and was later reworked into a novel length manuscript which will be available to read soon.

Here, the beginning of the novel is published in its original form as a short story: -

Being There (With Kurt Cobain’s Hair)

The Ledge

This is one of the earliest short stories that I wrote, and is exclusive to this site.

Whilst walking along the street, Sam has an unexpected encounter.

The Ledge

My name is Hal 2000, talk to me Dave...

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