Although the major construction work is now complete, visitors should be aware that there are still stories and essays under construction in the background. Hard hats are still recommended and health and safety precautions should be adhered to. High-visibility jackets are available in reception.

Welcome to my website. You will find some material that is exclusive to this site, as well as links to material that is commercially available elsewhere. I hope that you enjoy your time spent in my company.





My first published novel is now available as an e-book and as a paperback from the links below. Please leave me a review!

The original short story that spawned the novel is also available for free on this site in the short stories section: -

Being There (With Kurt Cobain's Hair)

Alex had always had long hair, even as a child. For a while, during his teens, he thought that he looked not unlike his idol, Kurt Cobain (a dubious assumption, even when he was dressed like Cobain). Then, whilst he is in hospital, his hair is shaved off prior to an operation to restore his partial hearing loss. Two years later, a passer-by in a car park attracts his attention. There is something about the stranger that looks familiar to him. Is that his hair? It looks like his hair…

Kurt Cobain's Hair by [Jones, Michael J]

The e-book is available from this link: -


The Paperback version is now available from the link below: -




The essays written over the past three years are now available as a collection from the link below.

As well as all the material published on this site, there are two brand new essays.

Introduction, Discussion, Conclusion

Alternatively,  clicking the essays tab will give you an overview.


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memory lane - preveiw

The spark that ignited my creativity (!) was the novel Dog Shit Alley leading to Memory Lane. I have not made this available yet (and have no plans to do so), but by clicking on Memory Lane, or using the tag below, you can access a preview of the first couple of chapters.

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The novel, Kurt Cobain's Hair, is now complete. I am at present collecting the usual haul of rejection letters from agents and publishers - although I don't think that I am going to surpass one of my previous efforts whereby I got turned down by Novum publishing due to 'excessive profanity'. I am very proud of this.

Two short stories are now commercially available (find the details via the short stories tab) and a collection of essays called Introduction, Discussion, Conclusion.



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The short stories Fly Me To The Moon, and King Canute are now available to buy as e-books. For more details, follow the link below, or click the short stories tag where you will also find other material exclusive to this site.

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