1. Mission Impossible

2. Do I Sound Like My Dad?

3. The Olympics Ideally

4. A Child of Its Time

5. On the Other Hand

6. Rock Gods, Literary Giants, and the Seriously Untalented

7. When Two Tribes go to War

8. Hospital, Lie Detectors, and Starvation Diets

9. Uniformity, Conformity and Diversity

10. Only Women Bleed

11. Resolving the New Years Resolution Problem

12.Harry Potter, the Magnet, and the Gem

13. A Monumental Folly

14. Planes, Trains, Automobiles, and Dogs

15. What's in it for Me Then?

16. Hello, Is there anybody there?

17. Sherlock Jones and the Hounds and the Bicycle

Sherlock Jones and the Hounds, and the Bicycle

18. What did you fucking say?

19. Drinking, Flying, Looting an Swearing

20. Mika and Roxie

21. Good Intentions

22. What's the Attraction


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Introduction, Discussion, Conclusion


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The Ghost in the Machine

ghost in the machine

Short Stories

Being There (With Kurt Cobain's Hair)

Being There (Kurt Cobain’s Hair)

The Ledge

The Ledge

Beer Goggles

Beer Goggles


King Canute

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Fly Me To The Moon

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Dog Shit Alley leading to Memory Lane

(Unpublished. Part One is available on this site)

Memory Lane



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