All of the essays are now available to download as a collection from the link below. As well as all the essays that have appeared on this site between 2016 and 2019, the collection also includes an introduction, an afterword, and two essays that have never before been published anywhere else.


Written over the past three years (2016 - 2019), Introduction, Discussion, Conclusion is a collection of essays ranging from social satire and literary review, to personal anecdote and occasional travelogue.

Important questions are asked. Was Dracula creator Bram Stoker sexist? Should I watch the golf tournament at the Olympics? Is it possible to talk football and politics in the pub without getting into a fight? Do I sound like my dad?

I carry out valuable research to discover whether hospital equipment can be used as a makeshift lie detector and look into the best ways to keep your new year's resolutions.

When I find stolen property whilst out walking the dogs, I discover how unhelpful the police can be, and attempt to return some of it to its owner via a supermarket and a dental surgery.

There are two Frank Drakes, lots of Magellan’s, Monty Python, George Orwell, Harry Potter and John Fowles, but there are no extra-terrestrials, although there are lots of Americans on St Lucia and I teach them how to swear properly.

This is my world, and I have written much of it down. It doesn’t always make much sense, but I do with it what I can.

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Introduction, Discussion, Conclusion

As a sample, one of my favourite essays is still available on this site in its entirety.



A tale of theft, discovery, and police incompetence.

Sherlock Jones and the Hounds, and the Bicycle



I don't trust politicians, I've been reading 1984, and I think there's a ghost in the house. Actually, there are three of them...


ghost in the machine


We need to talk about Michael

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